Upload, manage and share files with confidence.

CloudFile takes all the offline stuff associated with your leasing operation—typically stored in filing cabinets and saved on computers—and puts it all online. Every shred of paper and byte of data is now at your fingertips. With CloudFile your lease documents, maintenance records, move-in/move-out photos and ancillary paperwork go where you go. Upload, manage and share files from anywhere. GET A DEMO

Step 1

CloudFile folders and access levels are preconfigured for multifamily

Step 2

Email or upload your files to the cloud.

Step 3

Manage your files from anywhere on any device.

Step 4

Allow third parties to securely add or download files.

Put your stuff in the cloud.

Getting started with CloudFile is easy. CloudFile is already pre-configured for multifamily operations with folders for your company, regions, communities, units and residents. Simply upload, email or fax your files to the cloud. Best of all, there’s no limit on how much you can store so upload all you want. Once your files are in the cloud you can access anything at a moment’s notice from any device. Folder permission levels are based on existing roles at your company, which means you can restrict access to certain users too.
  • Unlimited storage. Upload all you want.
  • Built-in search. Retrieve files by file name, resident name or apartment number.

All the usability of consumer cloud storage solutions, but built for multifamily.

Share with others.

CloudFile lets you share files within communities or across your entire portfolio via secure download links. What’s more, recipients don’t need a CloudFile account to download files, which means you can collaborate with anyone, even vendors outside your company.
  • Secure hosting. SAS 70 certified & PCI compliant.
  • Redundant storage. Class-A facilities with next-gen security and disaster protection.
  • Easy community transfers. We don’t hold your data hostage.
  • Subscribe to folders and receive notifications anytime changes are made.

More than a file cabinet in the sky, CloudFile is a collaboration tool that streamlines slow and annoying workflows.

Using On-Site’s CloudFile has enabled us to be more secure protecting the confidential information for our residents as well as enabling us to have more efficiency with availability of information. – Aaron Stright Vice President HNN Associates LLC
744,607 e-signed documents archived in CloudFile.
18,615 hours saved with documents that filled themselves.
70% reinvested cloud savings in areas such as product development, innovation and marketing

Roll out the virtual welcome mat.

Spread the word to thousands of prospects. On-Site's powerful Marketing Suite drives traffic and builds your brand effectively, so you can extend your reach without overextending yourself.

Turns leads into leases.

Leasing Suite’s online tools deliver everything you need to convert prospects into residents, from online applications to screening and e-sign ready digital documents with cloud-based file management. In fact, you might be left wondering how you ever managed without us.

Welcome renters home with first-class convenience tools.

Resident Passport makes it quick and easy for your renters to renew a lease, pay rent and submit maintenance requests online. Being a renter has never been this good.

Online Renewals

Bring people and technology together like never before.

Work smarter and bring greater efficiency to your technology stack with Property Productivity tools. With CloudFile and our full roster of official partner integrations, On-Site is the centerpiece for today's connected leasing office.

See how CloudFile can revolutionize the way you rent.

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