What we will do for you

Renter Relations representatives can supply you with a copy of your rental report. And if you provide us with the right documents, we can expedite any potential disputes, whether it’s about credit, civil or criminal records.

Request a copy of your rental report

What we can’t do for you

Renter Relations representatives don’t control the information that appears on your rental report, nor do they establish the rental policies for individual communities. While we’re eager to resolve your concerns as quickly as possible, we can’t remove accurate information that appears on your consumer report and we can’t approve your rental application.

Who is On-Site.com?


Who we are, what we do

On-Site is the first choice of rental housing providers seeking smart technology and personalized service to qualify renters for their new homes. Whether you are applying to rent an apartment, single family residence or manufactured home, your housing provider trusts us with your personal information, which we use to qualify you for a lease. Our patented process may involve researching your credit, criminal and civil court history, as well as verifying your employment, housing and banking references. Housing providers rely on On-Site for informed leasing decisions, and renters appreciate that we work to keep our communities safe.  

 Facts about On-Site

  • You’re in Good Hands – Over 12,000 property owners and management companies in all 50 states, for all types of housing use On-Site.
  • You’re Protected by Law – The same laws that govern access to your credit information also govern how we handle your information at On-Site. That means many controls are in place, by law, to protect your privacy. The law is known as the Fair Credit Reporting Act, or FCRA.
  • You’ll Get Better Service – On-Site is available to communities needing your information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That means no waiting for your housing provider to exchange paperwork with your leasing agent to close the deal.
  • We Keep Your Information Safe – We routinely shred or destroy paperwork containing sensitive information after we’ve qualified you, and we attempt to do our job without handling paper in the first place.
  • We Control Access – No one can obtain any of the information in On-Site’s system unless they have a legal right to do so. This purpose must meet the requirements of FCRA, and we keep a record of everyone who views your information.
  • Your Online Data is Secure – The way we receive data from you and your housing provider is encrypted and secure, and we protect that information with security that meets the standards of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council (www.pcisecuritystandards.org).

Important Topics


Reference verifications

In order to determine whether you qualify to take on the obligations of a lease, rental housing providers will ask how much money you earn and how you earn it. This is needed to evaluate your qualifications to make rent payments. On-Site’s researchers allow you to prove to your prospective housing provider that the income you earn and your tenant history.  


The Fair Credit Reporting Act, or FCRA, regulates how On-Site handles your information. Under FCRA, we are a consumer reporting agency and subject to its requirements. We’re committed to safeguarding your privacy, and we fully comply with FCRA. That means we do many things to protect your rights as a consumer. Here are a few of the most important ones:
  • Validate the identity of all users of our system before granting access to make sure they have a legal right to see the information about you.
  • Require all users of our system to certify to us that you have given them clear permission to review your background, employment, income and other data. In FCRA terms, this reason is called a permissible purpose.
  • Will provide you, free of charge, a copy of any rental report that we have created about you. You can request a copy of your rental report here.
  • We will investigate any information contained in your Rental Report that you believe is outdated or inaccurate. You can request an investigation by requesting a copy of your Rental Report, which we can deliver through our secure, online portal. You will find instructions for how to submit disputes, and you may then send in any supporting documentation from there.


To ensure that your confidential information is handled appropriately, all employees undergo a background check, using the same technology that we provide to our customers. Our webservers use SSL encryption throughout our website to ensure information transmitted to and from our customers cannot be read by third parties. We have a secure document-shredding program. Access to our website is restricted to users with established passwords and access levels. Passwords require a combination of letters and numbers, changed every 90 days. Access levels restrict a given user’s ability to view full details of Rental Reports. On-Site takes care not to include sensitive data such as social security numbers in log files, and restricts the visibility of sensitive data.

I was denied housing. Why didn’t you refund my application fee?

Most housing providers charge an application fee that is non-refundable, even if you are not accepted. Please contact the housing provider for details on their specific policy.

Does applying for rental housing harm my credit score?

No. When you apply for an apartment, you authorize On-Site to ask or “inquire” for a copy of your credit report, called a “soft” inquiry, so it will never impact your credit score.

What is a hard inquiry vs. a soft inquiry? Which type does On-Site make?

Hard inquiries count when a potential creditor is reviewing your credit report because you’ve applied for credit with them and gave your authorization for one-time use of the report to make a decision. These inquiries include credit checks when you’ve applied for an auto loan, mortgage, or credit card. Soft inquiries occur where you’re checking your own credit, applying for a job or from companies periodically monitoring your credit because you already do business with them. These inquiries are not a visible part of your credit file when it is viewed by anyone other than yourself or a credit monitoring service, so it’s impossible for a soft inquiry to have any impact on your credit score. On-Site is always a soft inquiry.

If I cancel my application and later change my mind, can I use the same rental report?

Yes, but only if your original application was submitted within 30 days. If this is the case, we are able to reactivate it and qualify you to rent at no additional charge to you. However, if 30 days has elapsed, the information contained in your rental report will have become outdated, and you will have to submit a new application and pay the associated fee so that On-Site can generate a new report.

If I cancel my application at one housing provider, can I transfer it to another one that uses On-Site?

No, you must submit an application and pay the associated fee for each individual housing provider. We cannot transfer applications because each housing provider has its own unique rental criteria, bundle of products and level of due diligence that it requires On-Site to perform, so the resulting rental report is tailored to their needs alone. We are further restricted by the credit bureaus from sharing your credit report with a different recipient without a separate inquiry.

Why is On-Site Manager Inc. appearing as an inquiry on my credit report?

On-Site is a vendor to the apartment industry and one of the services that we offer is resident qualification. The line item on your credit report noting an inquiry from “On-Site Manager Inc.” indicates that a housing provider we service submitted a credit inquiry about you using our software. If you feel that this inquiry was made in error, first answer these questions:
  1. Did you apply to an apartment, potentially the apartment you’re currently living at, around the time of the inquiry?
  2. Did you sign as co-signor or guarantor for anyone else’s application around the time of the inquiry?
  3. Was your lease up for renewal around the time of the inquiry?
  4. Did you apply for employment at an apartment around the time of the inquiry?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions then in all likelihood a housing provider we service submitted a credit inquiry about you using our software. If you answered no to all of the above questions then you may dispute the inquiry by submitting a written request with a photocopy of your government-issued ID to On-Site Renter Relations. Qualifying forms of identification include but are not limited to: passport, driver license, state ID, military ID, and social security card.

How do I request a copy of my rental report?

If within the last 60 days you’ve been denied housing or have had any other adverse action taken against you based on information furnished by On-Site to the housing provider at which you applied, you are entitled to a free copy of your rental report. You may request your free rental report by one of the below: You may request your free rental report by:
  1. Contacting the housing provider at which you applied.
  2. Submitting a rental report request.
  3. Calling On-Site Renter Relations at (877) 222-0384.
  4. Email us at: OSMConsumerInquiry@realpage.com with your inquiry.
  5. Mailing a written request along with a copy of your government-issued photo identification to Renter Relations, On-Site c/o RealPage, 2201 Lakeside Boulevard, Richardson, TX 75082
You are also entitled to a free copy of your credit report annually from each of the nationwide credit reporting companies: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, which you can obtain from www.annualcreditreport.com, the only official source for the free credit report to which you’re entitled.

How can I dispute information contained in my rental report?

If you’re an applicant and you believe that information contained in your screening report is inaccurate or incomplete, please contact On-Site Renter Relations by:
  1. Requesting a copy of your rental report. We will deliver your report through our secure, online portal. You may upload dispute documentation from there.
  2. Calling On-Site Renter Relations at (877) 222-0384.
  3. Email us at: OSMConsumerInquiry@realpage.com with your inquiry.
  4. Mailing a completed consumer dispute form, along with supporting documentation, to Renter Relations, On-Site c/o RealPage, 2201 Lakeside Boulevard, Richardson, TX 75082

How can I remove the social security number warnings on my screening report?

Social Security number warnings can only be removed by contacting the credit bureau that is reporting the warning directly.

Is the rental score I received from On-Site the same as my credit score or FICO score?

The term “credit score” sometimes refers to your FICO or Vantage score, a number designed for banks and other lenders to aid in determining your loan suitability. We do not use the FICO score to determine your rental score, but the data used to determine your FICO score may be shared with the data used to determine your rental score. Click here to learn more about your rental score.

How is the rental score I received from On-Site determined?

Your rental score results from information found in your credit report, criminal history, references and application data. Such information may include your history of paying bills & rent, the accounts you have, collections & delinquencies, income and debt. Click here to learn more about your rental score.

What can I do to improve my rental score?

To improve your rental score, concentrate on paying your bills on time and removing any incorrect information. Your chances of approval should also improve if you apply for an apartment with lower monthly rent. Click here to learn more about your rental score.

I was filling out an online application but wasn’t able to complete it. I then started a new online application and received a warning for duplicate information and that my credit card may be charged twice. Why is this?

For security reasons, you have a limited amount of time to complete the application (20 minutes per page) and the application was timed out. Contact the apartment community you applied at to complete the application.

Which applicant type am I: individual, corporate, occupant, dependent or guarantor?

      • Individual — the primary resident(s) that will be physically living there and responsible for rent.
      • Corporate — the name of the business on a corporate lease.
      • Occupant — a minor or adult that will be physically living there but is not responsible for the rent; different screening guidelines may apply.
      • Dependent – a minor that will be physically living there.
      • Guarantor — an adult that is not physically living there but is responsible for rent if the resident defaults; different screening results may apply.

Why does my credit card statement indicate that I was charged twice?

Some online banking statements will show multiple transactions. Usually, one is an actual charge and the other is a hold. The hold will disappear from the statement. If you receive an actual monthly statement with duplicate charges please contact us.

How do I cancel my application?

Contact the community to which you applied and let them know that you wish to withdraw your application.